June Bug's Resale & More

Exceptional Thrift Shop in Pleasant Plains, AR


If you are a fan of shopping but you also like to stay on budget, June Bug’s Resale & More, located in Pleasant Plains, AR, is just the perfect shopping destination for you. Our gently used products will save your wallet from department store prices, without sacrificing the quality of the items themselves. Cheaply priced does not always mean cheaply made, and our resale shop is a testament to that truth.

Members of the community bring their items to us where they are then placed on sale for others to purchase. This means that our inventory is always changing and you never know how rare of an item might end up on our shelves. You are certain to leave the store with something new and exciting on every shopping trip.

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unique items

Because our items come from the homes of such a variety of people, that means our shelves are stocked with unique items that can’t always be found in stores. You might even get lucky and run into a rare vintage item or antiques!

friendly staff

Customers are our livelihood, and we are sure to always express our appreciation when you are in our shop. Whether you have a quick question or want to engage in friendly conversation, we are here for you.

community support

By supporting our small business, you are supporting the community of small businesses as well. When you donate your items to our shop, you are helping other members of the area get more affordable products that they might not have had a chance to get without you.

The only way to discover all of the incredible and unique items we have collected from customers all over Independence County is to come see for yourself, so give us a visit today! Before you stop in, feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns you have about our business, or to ask us how you can donate your gently used items to our shop.  

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